About the program and the platform

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a Samsung program that presents STEM didactic strategies for teachers, students, and schools in Latin America.

The program

Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People and education for future generations.
This is Samsung’s Corporate Citizenship vision, which aims to empower students to reach their maximum potential, leading positive transformations for society and building a better world for all.

At Samsung, we believe in people’s collaborative and creative ability to respond to the complex social and environmental issues that affect the many and diverse global realities. Over the company’s more than 50 years, we have introduced innovations that transform society, meet people’s needs, and also strengthen pioneering agendas and initiatives aimed at a more sustainable future.

Based on these premises, since 2010, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow has been a global initiative designed to strengthen student’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to address and solve local challenges that affect their lives and communities. Through problem-solving strategies and critical and creative thinking, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is present in 33 countries and has already engaged nearly 2 million students globally. In Latin America, the program has been present since 2014, with the participation of more than 312,000 teachers and students from 20 countries.


more than 312 thousand
professors and students
from 20 countries

Our mission

To recognize and strengthen the role of students, teachers, and school managers in solving local challenges, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow mobilizes school communities to develop, build and systematize prototypes of innovative solutions to issues that affect the daily lives of youth and their communities.

Using a project journey, based on the Design Thinking framework, students are invited to identify the problem, think scientifically about its causes and possible solutions, and develop a prototype for a solution that responds in an innovative way to what has been identified.

Each participating country organizes the stages of the program locally, involving mentors from Samsung itself, social organizations, and government representatives who contribute to the qualification of the student’s proposal.

As a general rule, the project must be built by a team with no less than 2 students and a mediator teacher. To support gender inclusion and parity in the sciences, the group is encouraged to have at least one female pupil. Each team progresses through the proposal appraisal stages: pre-selection, semi-final, and final, receiving mentoring and training throughout the development of the project, in addition to awards offered by Samsung.

For teachers

Participating in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an opportunity to exercise the role of mediator in a STEM project, experiencing in practice the concepts and methodological paths of Project Based Learning and solving local problems, having as support tools the scientific method and the Design Thinking approach.

Solve for Tomorrow bets on mobilized teachers to support their students to transform their realities, believing in the collaborative potential of school and its bond with the community. By territorializing and making curricular content tangible through practical and collaborative approaches and experiences, teachers and students strengthen their bond and enrich the teaching and learning experience for all.

For students

Putting into practice a project to change your community! This is the opportunity of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow: through STEM education, and with the support of a teacher from your community, it is possible to learn school content differently. In addition to developing critical and creative thinking, students gain voice and prominence, collaboratively building innovative solutions and the paths to get there.

As they advance through the evaluation rounds of initiatives, students receive support from mentors, Samsung professionals, and/or innovation experts from other organizations. The program allows students and teachers to collaborate to learn science, in a practical and participatory way, concretely facing a local problem.

For managers

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow provides the school with a concrete opportunity to experience Project Based Learning. Mobilizing STEM education, the contest invites students, teachers, and school and territory communities to collaborate on an integrated proposal to solve a local challenge.

Schools engaged in the proposal strengthen their democratic management, in actions that value student protagonism and the role of educational institutions in creating and systematizing scientific investigations on phenomena and problems that affect communities.

Encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking, schools participating in Solve for Tomorrow, engage in an ecosystem of pedagogical innovation, inspiring practices and paths for the qualification of education not only in their cities and countries but in a global network for a sustainable future for all.

The platform

Built from the practical experiences of the initiative, this platform aims to recognize and strengthen the network of teachers engaged with the program in Latin America, offering pedagogical references created by teachers for teachers, and favoring the exchange of knowledge from various countries and contexts, in addition to systematizing the memory of Solve for Tomorrow in the region.

As a place for valuing the STEM teacher, the available contents aim to support Project Based Learning and provide a didactic basis for pedagogical and didactic practices for an education connected to the needs of the contemporary world.